Future Reality Masterclass (Eng) op 25 juli 2017 in ICDuBo

Gratis deelname aan MVO Festival op 10 oktober 2017
21 juni 2017
Themadagen NUL OP DE METER in ICDuBo
12 juli 2017

Future Reality Masterclass (Eng) op 25 juli 2017 in ICDuBo

This powerful training is at the leading edge of some of the most inspiring and important influencing factors for the future of business & organisations including:

  • Exponential innovations
  • Biomimicry
  • The Circular Economy
  • Systems thinking, and 
  • Purpose Driven Leadership

All over the world we see the emergence of solutions to our most complex challenges, yet these are not often brought together in an integrated way and applied at a systems level for truly transformative change. In this seminar, we will work with you to apply these at a systems level – using cities as the focus of the intersection of multiple challenges & opportunities.

We will develop visionary futures together and enable you to lead this vision within your organisation through strategy, into actualisation. This is an opportunity for a whole systems evolution, where challenges emerge into opportunities.

This seminar is lead by Biomimicry Professional, Claire Janisch together with Biomimicry Practitioner and Systems Designer, Shannon Royden-Turner.
From the training you will:

  • Exemplify purpose-driven leadership. 
  • Inspire a visionary future to lead from, rather than predict futures to avoid.
  • Discover how every challenge has a simultaneous solution.
  • Realise that adapting to change is critical for your evolution.
  • Prioritise actions for leading this change


Date: July 25th 2017
Cost: €600
Time: 8am-7pm (equivalent of 2 full days training)
Location: ICDuBo

To book your place please send an email to info@biomimicrynl.org
MORE DETAILS HERE: http://www.acturban.com/training/


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